Posted on: September 16, 2009 7:33 pm

Here's WHY the poll question came about...

     There's a poll I created, that's open to anyone to respond. It's about over-scrutinized NFL media markets...and yes, Washington is among the choices.
     Here's the story.
     For years, I've been of the opinion that if you asked fans in Washington, Dallas and Denver which of those 3 cities will you find overkill from a media standpoint...we would be talking 1-a/1-b/1-c, depending on where you ask the question. (For example, I would have it 1-a Washington/1-b Dallas/1-c Denver; I'm pretty sure people in Dallas would list them as 1-a, and in Denver they would go 1-a.)
     Trust me, when I point out the Redskins are more over-scrutinized than either the Cowboys or Broncos it's because I live 2 hours from D.C...where we're subjected to the 24/7 bombardment of every move the Skins make (or don't make) on or off the field. But, I wanted to be absolutely sure I'm right; hence, this poll.
     Now, the reason I purposely left New York City and Los Angeles out of this poll is because those two cities are different creatures when it comes to media. Besides, L.A. has pro football--it's called the USC Trojans. (LMAO.) But seriously, I wanted to see if my suspicions are correct that those of us in the D.C.-area are jaded when it comes to media coverage.
     Why Chicago and Philadelphia?? Hey, why not Philly?? Believe me, just with Donovan McNabb alone the Eagles qualify (and this was before T.O., BTW). I threw Chicago into the mix just to have 5 choices.
     So look at the poll, and factor in every aspect of media (radio/TV/print/online/blogging) before making your choice. This is completely unscientific, people. I'll leave it up for the entire season, so you'll see what I mean.
     Have fun...and hail to the Redskins!!!

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