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Posted on: December 22, 2009 5:10 pm

Maybe B.B. King was right all along...

     After 43 years of following the Redskins, I thought I had seen every imaginable way to lose a game.
     That is, until last night.Embarassed
     Is there any other way to strip this fan base of what little dignity we had, in such a screwed-up season, as was witnessed by those in attendance @ FedEx (or in my case, on ESPN)?? Let's face it, the Giants deserved to win this game. After all, we Skins fans sure as hell don't want the bleeping Cow-you-know-whats to make the playoffs, do we??Tongue out Damn right we don't!!!
     But, I'm at a loss on something. Just WHAT the bleep was that stupid-a*s*s play at the end of the 1st half, anyway?Surprised It looked like a fricking Chinese fire drill, to tell you the truth. And yet these players (not to mention Jim Zorn) STILL ask why the fans boo??Undecided
     I'm sure of one thing: whoever dreamed up the idea of text messaging, fully has never contemplated the evil unleashed by sports fans. All you had to do was watch the postgame show (on CSN Washington), and read the texters' comments. In a word, B-R-U-T-A-L!!!Yell
     Ladies and gentlemen, to quote a classic song..."The Thrill is Gone" as far as the Redskins go for the rest of the year. It's enough to make me give this up...nah, who am I b.s.ing??Cry I'm a fricking masochist, that's what I am!!!Laughing

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