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Posted on: February 2, 2010 4:56 pm

There's STILL time for CBS Sports to do right...

     I'm not sure if this particular blog entry will get seen, seeing as how it's CBS Sports overseeing what we write...Undecided
     But I guess somebody has to speak the unspeakable. Namely, here's hoping CBS has the lowest-rated Super Bowl on record. Not because of the actual game itself (which, IMO, the Saints win), but on account of one ad.
     Anyone want to venture a guess which ad I'm talking about?Frown
     Let me make something clear here and now. Even those who call themselves pro-choice wish that abortion were rare in our society. But there's a time and place to speak about abortion. A Super Bowl, any Super Bowl, ain't the place.
     Which brings me to the self-rightious a-hole, Tim Tebow, and his mommy. You know by now CBS Sports has allowed an ad from the homophobic "Focus On The Family" organization to run during this Sunday's game. Basically it's Tim Tebow saying "Oh, thank you, Mommy for not aborting my pious a*s*s!!!"
     Super Bowl Sunday is as close as we get to a religious "holiday" in this country (short of Easter and Christmas Day, which really are religious holidays) that all of America can share. WHY CBS Sports feels they have to shove such a warped sense of morality down normal-thinking Americans' throats, by airing this piece of crap, ia a mystery to me...Surprised
     And yet, this is the same CBS Sports who gave us the "wardrobe malfunction" 6 years ago...during a Super Bowl, yet!!Embarassed And turned down an ad (for a gay dating site) for this Super Bowl. (I saw a snippet of this ad. It's of two guys...one wearing a Packers jersey, the other a Vikings jersey...who lip-lock at the end. I thought it was funny.Smile Gee, this is what CBS thought "offensive"??Sealed) Man, you want to talk hypocrisy? Don't you think CBS Sports is engaging in it big time?
     But let's get back to "Moses" Tebow, shall we? Now I'm starting to hear rumors that the Redskins...MY fricking Redskins, for Christ's sake!!!...seriously are considering drafting this piece of morality filth. You know, I only talked about holding a bonfire for my Gilbert Arenas jerseys.
     If Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen do this to Redskins Nation, I may not be the ONLY one burning FedEx Field and Redskins Park to the ground my Redskins jackets/T-shirts/flag(s)/blanket(s) in protest.Yell You want to talk "false Messiah", people? Bad enough you've got people railing against the President, and labeling him that. The REAL "false Messiah" will spout his brand of hate speech this Sunday night.
     It's just America's gotten TOO damned stupid to see it. Because they're sitting slack-eyed at their TV sets, waiting for the Budweiser ad (or the GoDaddy ads, for that matter) to come on...this piece of offensive monkey dung will zip in and out so fast they won't realize they've been brainwashed.Frown
     Just like CBS Sports...

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