Posted on: May 23, 2012 5:06 pm

MUST find time for this place...lol

     You know, sometimes even I forget I have this blog...Laughing
     Now, having said that, let me get to the business at hand. Namely, so much has gone down since the last entry here.
     Who figured, for example, that the Capitals would've gotten to the 2nd round in the Stanley Cup playoffs (let alone make the playoffs)? Or that they would take the defending champion Bruins to 7 games (and win), and then take the Rangers to 7 games (and lose)? I gotta tell you all, it was fun to watch...and also nerve-wracking!!Yell
     And yet, Dale Hunter decided to walk away from this. But I can't really blame him, though. What with owning the London Knights (along w/his family), that's far more secure than  coaching the Caps. Still...
     Moving along...the Redskins have Robert Griffin III now. Our savior at QB is here, ladies and gentlemen. That's all I need to say on that topic.
     But the real surprise as far as D.C. sports go has to be...the NATIONALS?? Believe it or not, yes...and oh, btw, Bryce Harper is real. Sure, he'll make mistakes in the outfield from time to time--but that's because he feels he has to go out and win gamws all by his lonesome. Soon as he realizes he has teammates who's got his back, he'll settle down.
     Nats in 1st place. Damn good feeling, let me tell you.
     Anyway, you can follow me at these places: http://twitter.com/gonastynats (or @gonastynats), www.youtube.com/user/TheRealDCSport
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, and http://thegreatovie8.blogspot.com (the last two my Nats and Caps blogs for Blogger).
     I think that covers it all...till the next time I think about writing here, that is.Undecided

Posted on: January 4, 2012 7:41 pm

Damn, I simply MUST write here more often...lol

     You know, 13 months is a hell of a long time between blog posts on here.Surprised Which is why I'm taking time out (from rebuilding everything on my computer) to do just that...writing here, I mean.
     One thing that surprised me in these intervening 13 months--and I'm not ashamed to say it truly was a surprise--was seeing the Nationals come oh-so-close to a .500 record last year. Now if we can just get Prince Fielder to sign on the dotted line, I'll be such a happy man...lolWink
     On the other hand, the Redskins and Wizards still suck. Duh. At least the Capitals are getting better under Dale Hunter. (When last I wrote here, Bruce Boudreau was at the helm. 3 weeks into this season, he got canned.) If the season ended now (1/4), they're barely in the playoffs.
     This is not good, people.Frown
     At any rate, if you wish to follow me elsewhere...here they are:
     I think that covers everything (until the next time...who knows, maybe another year?? LMFAO)

Posted on: December 1, 2010 9:37 pm

Wow, I've been away THAT long?

     I just now realized, it's been almost 3 months since I last wrote a blog here. Damn, I'm slipping...Embarassed
     Anyway, to make up for lost time, here goes.
     Now that the Redskins have basically screwed themselves out of the playoff picture...and let's face it, how do you let Brett Favre run out the clock??...it looks now as though they'll be playing the spoiler role these next 5 weeks. (Or not.) Why do we go through this year after fricking year?Yell I ask you, WHY??
     I mean, between the Skins and Wizards, it's nothing short of a miracle I still have my sanity. But at least as far as the Wizards go, there's some sense of hope...and his name is John Wall.Surprised (That is, when he can get on the floor.) It's his team now, not Gilbert Arenas'. Maybe in another 2 years we'll talk contender...maybe.
     As concerns the Nationals: now that Adam Dunn's walked, WHO is our (long-term) 1B? At least they've done the right thing, and protected Chris Marrero from next week's Rule 5 Draft by putting him the 40-man roster. But while we wait and see if he can make it to Syracuse to start next season (or go back to Harrisburg), who do we get to man 1B in the meantime?Undecided Big names, Mike Rizzo, big names...starting pitching and a first baseman, that's what we need!!!
     So, lo and behold, that leaves the Capitals to talk about.
     If this team does NOT win a Stanley Cup...and this is just my view...then this season (like last season) is a complete failure. There's way too much talent on the Caps to go down the tubes in the 1st round (again!!). Totally unacceptible, to be honest.Frown
     So that covers it. I should make mention of another place to showcase my writing...find it at www.greatjake1958.wordpress.com (if you can...lol). I'll cover sports on there once in awhile; it's mainly for other topics.
     I'm done now...LMAO

Posted on: April 27, 2010 4:38 pm

Double standard? Hypocrisy? Makes one wonder...

     The one time I actually listen to LaVar Arrington's radio show, and they hit on a topic worthy of my coming back to blogging here.Tongue out
     And wouldn't you know, it involves Dan Snyder (indirectly)...
     Here's what it's about: apparently last night, after the Capitals all but bent over for the Canadiens to bring about a Game 7 in their Stanley Cup playoff series, the message boards on the Caps' website shut down. The explanation came this afternoon from the Caps' PR people, that (perhaps) threats were made against either players/coaches/fans. (Take your pick.)
     Having done enough contributing across the Internet, I know what is and isn't allowed on boards/chat rooms/etc. So I can see where the Caps could shut down the board. But here's why I'm writing this piece...
     The question was posed on LaVar's show today: if it were the Redskins shutting down their board(s) in a similar situation, would we make a big deal of this?Surprised Damn right we would...and here's why...
     There are sports owners who are in it for the money, and who have NEVER given a rat's a*s*s about the fans. (Dan Snyder, anyone?Money mouth) And then there are those owners who are what I would call "fan-oriented" owners...who care about what the fans think. Ted Leonsis is in the second category, no doubt. Shutting down the Caps' message board in the long run, may have been a good idea.
     (BTW, let me offer thanks to the Pollin family for finally selling controlling interest in the Wizards to Ted. 3 years from now, the Wiz will be the 3rd-hottest sports ticket in D.C.--after the Caps and Nationals. Trust me on this one, gang.Wink)
     But I started this blog by mentioning the "Prima Danna", didn't I? Well, if you looked up at the previous statement, you'll see I point out where the Redskins stand (at the moment) as far as respect in the D.C. sports scene. All because Dan Snyder has a major-league bug up his a*s*s about Jack Kent Cooke's legacy (and the 3 Lombardi Trophies @ Redskins Park)...Yell
     Taking JKC's name off the stadium he built, and then firing Frank Herzog (the longtime radio voice of the Skins), was enough to turn me against Snyder. I won't go into the product (???) he put out on the field the last 10+ years, believe me. But my point is, there are still Redskins fans mad enough to want to line the "Prima Danna" up against the wall and shoot his pathetic a*s*s.
     (I'm sorely tempted at times...Laughing)
     So I have a question to ask of all of you: at what point did/do you lose respect for your team(s)?? (And yes, I'll even let the CBSSports.com people chime in on this, too!!) Just curiosity, is all...

Posted on: March 15, 2010 7:04 pm

Odds and ends (for what it's worth)

     Some selected thoughts on the D.C. sports scene, just so I can fill a blog entry...Laughing
     So, where do I start? How about yesterday (Sunday), for example? Meaning...
     1) For the record, I'm in agreement of the refs in the Caps game calling a boarding penalty on Alex Ovechkin. Where I part company with the NHL, though, is that it certainly (IMO) did NOT warrant a game misconduct. The suspension handed down is (again, IMO) yet another example of the league waging a vendetta against Ovie. It's a shame the guy from the Blackhawks may be out for the remainder of the season as a result of yesterday.Frown
     2) If Larry Johnson thought the media in Kansas City was rough on him--remember, he called them "f*a*g*g*o*t*s"--all I can say is, "Welcome to Washington". Your every move/utterence/etc., I guarantee you will be dissected by not just the mainstream press...but by we bloggers (including yours truly...Wink) as well. So in the words of Dwayne Johnson (aka "The Rock"): "Know your role, and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!"Sealed
     3) At least Stephen Strasburg has his act together. As to the rest of the Nationals, though...winless, in spring training?Embarassed (Pending tonight's game with Atlanta, starting in a few minutes as I write this.) O Lord, why hast thou cursed we Nats fans?Frown
     There. I think I've covered enough for now...Laughing

Posted on: February 2, 2010 4:56 pm

There's STILL time for CBS Sports to do right...

     I'm not sure if this particular blog entry will get seen, seeing as how it's CBS Sports overseeing what we write...Undecided
     But I guess somebody has to speak the unspeakable. Namely, here's hoping CBS has the lowest-rated Super Bowl on record. Not because of the actual game itself (which, IMO, the Saints win), but on account of one ad.
     Anyone want to venture a guess which ad I'm talking about?Frown
     Let me make something clear here and now. Even those who call themselves pro-choice wish that abortion were rare in our society. But there's a time and place to speak about abortion. A Super Bowl, any Super Bowl, ain't the place.
     Which brings me to the self-rightious a-hole, Tim Tebow, and his mommy. You know by now CBS Sports has allowed an ad from the homophobic "Focus On The Family" organization to run during this Sunday's game. Basically it's Tim Tebow saying "Oh, thank you, Mommy for not aborting my pious a*s*s!!!"
     Super Bowl Sunday is as close as we get to a religious "holiday" in this country (short of Easter and Christmas Day, which really are religious holidays) that all of America can share. WHY CBS Sports feels they have to shove such a warped sense of morality down normal-thinking Americans' throats, by airing this piece of crap, ia a mystery to me...Surprised
     And yet, this is the same CBS Sports who gave us the "wardrobe malfunction" 6 years ago...during a Super Bowl, yet!!Embarassed And turned down an ad (for a gay dating site) for this Super Bowl. (I saw a snippet of this ad. It's of two guys...one wearing a Packers jersey, the other a Vikings jersey...who lip-lock at the end. I thought it was funny.Smile Gee, this is what CBS thought "offensive"??Sealed) Man, you want to talk hypocrisy? Don't you think CBS Sports is engaging in it big time?
     But let's get back to "Moses" Tebow, shall we? Now I'm starting to hear rumors that the Redskins...MY fricking Redskins, for Christ's sake!!!...seriously are considering drafting this piece of morality filth. You know, I only talked about holding a bonfire for my Gilbert Arenas jerseys.
     If Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen do this to Redskins Nation, I may not be the ONLY one burning FedEx Field and Redskins Park to the ground my Redskins jackets/T-shirts/flag(s)/blanket(s) in protest.Yell You want to talk "false Messiah", people? Bad enough you've got people railing against the President, and labeling him that. The REAL "false Messiah" will spout his brand of hate speech this Sunday night.
     It's just America's gotten TOO damned stupid to see it. Because they're sitting slack-eyed at their TV sets, waiting for the Budweiser ad (or the GoDaddy ads, for that matter) to come on...this piece of offensive monkey dung will zip in and out so fast they won't realize they've been brainwashed.Frown
     Just like CBS Sports...

Posted on: September 16, 2009 7:33 pm

Here's WHY the poll question came about...

     There's a poll I created, that's open to anyone to respond. It's about over-scrutinized NFL media markets...and yes, Washington is among the choices.
     Here's the story.
     For years, I've been of the opinion that if you asked fans in Washington, Dallas and Denver which of those 3 cities will you find overkill from a media standpoint...we would be talking 1-a/1-b/1-c, depending on where you ask the question. (For example, I would have it 1-a Washington/1-b Dallas/1-c Denver; I'm pretty sure people in Dallas would list them as 1-a, and in Denver they would go 1-a.)
     Trust me, when I point out the Redskins are more over-scrutinized than either the Cowboys or Broncos it's because I live 2 hours from D.C...where we're subjected to the 24/7 bombardment of every move the Skins make (or don't make) on or off the field. But, I wanted to be absolutely sure I'm right; hence, this poll.
     Now, the reason I purposely left New York City and Los Angeles out of this poll is because those two cities are different creatures when it comes to media. Besides, L.A. has pro football--it's called the USC Trojans. (LMAO.) But seriously, I wanted to see if my suspicions are correct that those of us in the D.C.-area are jaded when it comes to media coverage.
     Why Chicago and Philadelphia?? Hey, why not Philly?? Believe me, just with Donovan McNabb alone the Eagles qualify (and this was before T.O., BTW). I threw Chicago into the mix just to have 5 choices.
     So look at the poll, and factor in every aspect of media (radio/TV/print/online/blogging) before making your choice. This is completely unscientific, people. I'll leave it up for the entire season, so you'll see what I mean.
     Have fun...and hail to the Redskins!!!

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