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Posted on: October 18, 2009 6:44 pm

Where would I GO to root for another team, anyway

     Let me see if I have it right. Neither the Redskins nor the Chiefs put the ball in the end zone today...and yet we still lose the fricking game??Frown How much more sadomasochism does Dan Snyder wish to inflict on us Skins fans??
     Bad enough to jack up ticket prices for an inferior product on the field. Bad enough to use a NFL franchise as your own personal Madden game. Perhaps Joseph Welch said it for an entire region...though it was 1954 and not 2009, and it was Joe McCarthy instead of Dan Snyder...but his words ring true nonetheless:
     "Have you no sense of decency at long last, sir???"Yell
     Someone has to step in to stop this degradation of this once-proud franchise by this parasitic Napoleon. WHY he has this obsession of eradicating everything Jack Kent Cooke did for this organization...going so far as to take JKC's name off the stadium he (Cooke) built, and firing Frank Herzog...I don't think even God knows. (Not that I personally think He gives a rat's a*s*s about the Redskins at this point, either.)
     I've followed this Redskins franchise since I was 9--I'm 51, BTW--and for the first time in my life I feel ashamed to watch a Redskins game on TV.Cry I'd almost give up on this, but where would I go, really?? I'm not fond of the Ravens; there's no way in this God's green earth I'd EVER pull for the bleeping Eagles (and don't even talk to me about those emm-effing Dallas mutants!!!)...so I'm stuck with the Redskins till they put my a*s*s in the ground.
     Thank God there's still the Houston Texans...

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