Posted on: September 14, 2010 10:28 pm

7 seconds, that changed a franchise...maybe?

     Wow. It's been 3 whole months since I last wrote a blog on here? Bummer.Embarassed Well, I'll fix that right now.
     We've all seen the game Sunday night. Forget everything, but 7 seconds of the game. Focus instead on the last 4 seconds of the 1st half...and DeAngelo Hall stripping the ball and running in the end zone. That's all the offense the Redskins had...from a fricking defensive back!!Surprised
     Then, think of the last 3 seconds of the game. I don't care whether you were at the game, or watching at home in the D.C. area(s)...or for that matter, the Dallas/Fort Worth area(s)...you HAD to run the gamut of emotions on this play. From screaming at your TV, "HOW do the Redskins blow a 13-point lead??"Yell, and then hearing the ref say "Holding, offense"Smile...finally, we beat the effing Cowmunchers!!!Laughing
     Wonder where this game ranks among the all-time games in this rivalry?Undecided Anyone want to venture an opinion?

     Now, about the TV Azteca chick and the situation with the Jets...who would've thought Clinton Portis nailed this on the head?
     I'm not gonna venture an opinion on whether "Jerome From Southeast" is right or wrong. But in an age where the Erin Andrews peephole video is on the Internet...where any teenage (or college-age) kid can see it...you've got to think there's a fine line between "acceptible" attire for locker room interviews and dressing like a slut.
     Still, the line about seeing 53 "packages" (his words, not mine) proves we haven't learned our lesson from the Lisa Olson case. A refresher course, for the pro bloggers here at CBSSports.com...
     Lisa Olson was a writer for the Boston Globe in the late '70s/early '80s covering the Patriots. One day, apparently after a game, she goes into the Pats' locker room--where the players, ahem, "show her the goods". (All with the coaches'...and the owner's...consent, BTW.) Long story made short: she sues the Patriots (and/or the NFL), and wins a judgment against them.
     End result being, a new policy across the sports landscape...closing off locker rooms for 30 minutes after a game to give players time to get dressed (or at least covered up in a "non-threatening" way), and then opening up for interviews. It's served us well for 30-some years...until this.
     Trust me, there's a reason Erin Andrews doesn't do locker room interviews. 90-some players with (potential) raging hard-ons? Who are WE b.s.ing, people?Embarassed
     Anyway, that's my take. Yours?Undecided
Posted on: September 14, 2009 7:36 pm

Passing thoughts, on the weekend

     Observations on the sports weekend for us D.C. sports fans:
     1) The Redskins have major problems, judging by yesterday against the Giants. Absolutely no pressure on Eli Manning (notwithstanding 2 sacks by the Skins), and it had to take a fake FG to bring about a TD in order to spark the offense. And a message to LaRon Landry, from me: STOP trying to be Sean Taylor 2.0, and focus on being LaRon Landry 1.0!!! The penalty for hitting Brandon Jacobs out of bounds was flat-out stupid, LaRon!!!
     2) Why Craig Littlepage, the A.D. at Virginia, hasn't fired Al Groh after the disaster Saturday against TCU remains a mystery to us Wahoo fans. Bad enough you lose to a fricking 1-AA team (William and Mary) last week; now you bend over for Horned Frogs?? The only reason Al still has this job, is (supposedly) that it would cost U. Va. mondo moolah to buy him out. Don't let that stand in the way, Craig; FIRE HIS A*S*S NOW!!!
     3) On the subject of 1-AA teams...if I'm Ralph Friedgen, I'm shaking my head over how James Madison took Maryland to (this farce the NCAA calls) overtime, before JMU lost 38-35. Ralph, it's a 1-AA team that did this!!! (Full disclosure: Harrisonburg, VA...where JMU is located...is an hour's drive from my place.) I mean, after California did such a pimp-smack on Maryland the week before...c'mon, Ralph, admit it; you thought this would be a slam-dunk, right?? Yeah, right...like Michigan thought Applalachian State was a slam-dunk. (And we know what happened then, don't we??)
     4) Ian Desmond is making it harder for the Nationals' front office to say "Hey, let's send him back to Syracuse next year". Yeah, I know; at some point these next 3 weeks he'll go into a slump. But you have to admit, he fits into the Nats' plans for the future. (Full disclosure #2: I saw him @ Harrisburg last year. I knew then, he'd make it to Washington at some point.) Of course, helping to take 2 out of 3 from the Marlins goes a long way, too...
     5) Fun watching the Monday Night Football game and seeing the (Boston/New England) Patriots and Bills in old-school AFL colors. (The 50th anniversary of the American Football League, is why.) The "night" game--the (L.A./San Diego) Chargers and Raiders--is also old-school AFL night. Trust me, it'll be a blast seeing these replica jerseys all season long. (Wait till you see the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs helmets.) All I ever saw was old NFL Films footage, or an old kinescope from the ABC Sports archives. Like I said, it'll be fun.
     See?? I can write useless crap, just like Gregg Doyel, too!!! LMAO

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