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Posted on: January 8, 2010 5:03 pm

I'm at a crossroads now, because of "Agent Zero"

     I'm amazed people actually read this little blog of mine. So, as not to disappoint those of you who do read...and enlighten those who don'tLaughing...this next piece should do the trick.
     Up until now, I've remained silent of the whole Gilbert Arenas/Javartis Crittenten brouhaha. But the more I keep reading (and hearing, and seeing) about it, I can't stay silent any longer. It's gone too far.
     I could put up with Gil's extorting Ernie Grunfeld (and Abe Pollin) out of $111 million for so little to show for it. (Personally, I wish Gil would've given back the money for the first year of the deal...but that's just me.) Even up to a few days ago, I would've been proud to wear a Gil jersey around the neighborhood.
     But now...after hearing how Javartis Crittenten had a gun of his own, locked and loaded...it's no longer a laughing matter.Embarassed
     The last straw for David Stern (and for that matter, Wizards fans) came Tuesday night in pre-game warmups. Hope some of you had the chance (before the NBA took it down) to see the picture of Gil using the "finger gun" technique, surrounded by his teammates. Bad taste? Damn right it is.Frown I guess Gil and Javartis didn't get the memo concerning the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the players' union.
     It specifically states: NO guns, anywhere on or near a NBA facility. No excuses, no exceptions.
     The question now is not so much how long the suspension lasts, but rather WHEN "Agent Zero" will be sent packing by Wizards management. Guess I could always hold a bonfire for my jerseys. Just pick the day, is all. Head for www.radio-free-ashburn.groups.cb
ssports.com, and leave your comments and/or suggestions as to where I should hold the bonfire.
     (Oops. I forgot. You have to join the group first. I need members, to be honest with you.Tongue out)
     But back to the purpose of this blog. At some point Ted Leonsis (the moment he actually takes over ownership of the Wizards) has to cut the dead wood out of this franchise. He can start by showing Gil the fricking door...NOW!!!Yell Don't wait on David Stern; do it as soon as you take over, Ted!!Frown
     Put your money where your mouth is.Money mouth You did it with the Capitals. Do it here with the Wizards.
     I've never felt so sickened and disgusted by an athlete as I feel right now concerning Gil Arenas. Christ, do I feel sick??Cry

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